Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Captured in Ink

I wrote an article this fall about how to matte digital photos using Microsoft PowerPoint or Word. I'm delighted to report that the January/February issue of Dollhouse Miniatures has a four-page spread of the article, starting on page 28.

For some reason, the pictures on page 31 are slightly out of focus. That may because the matted pictures you see on that page were in a PowerPoint slide.

The magazine's artist pulled them out of the slide, added some shadows behind them and overlapped the images. It makes a nice collage, but the pictures lose a little in clarity.

If you're curious about the photos in the collage on page 31 of the article, I took all but one of the pictures myself. Starting at the top left and going clockwise they are: Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY; the Bundy family circa 1900 (this is the only one of the grouping that I did NOT take!); a view on Mount Lemon near Tucson, AZ; the Maroon Bells near Aspen, CO; my girls a few years ago; and downtown Chicago on a foggy night.

I've written a follow-up article, which is coming out in the next issue of the News with more information about how to do the matting with ovals and shapes. I hope you find the instructions clear and easy to follow. Since you're already a computer user and reading this blog, you may find it easier to do the matting than some of the other DH readers.

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  1. Hi there... I've been looking for this article on matting digital photos and can't find it. Is there anyway you can get me the article and email it to me. My mini club wants me to help them learn how to use their computer to make these mattes etc and I thought that this article would be the best and easiest way to to do. Send to my google acct at... peggy.6144@gmail.com
    Thanks a bunch!