Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Please Consider Switching

       Hi. I'm writing today to ask you a favor. If you enjoy reading this blog, would you please become a follower to my other blog site, which is:  http://tallminiguy.blogspot.com.
        I took a friend's advice in creating this George the Mini Guy blog address. It has always been a mirror image of the original blog (tallminiguy.blogspot.com). You and 23 other kind individuals have followed this version of my blog.
       I have stopped adding new material to this version of the blog, but I have continued to add content to the tallminiguy one. I really, REALLY would love to have you become a follower on the tallminiguy blog instead and remain one of my followers there. (I know a few of you have followed both blogs.)
         Thank you for following and reading this blog. I hope I can write about things that will keep you interested in  reading my blog for many months and possibly years to come!