Monday, May 4, 2009

Did I Name It Wrong?

When I started this blog, I did it as a classroom exercise, and didn't have time to think much about how I named it. So, I chose the first URL that came to mind - tallminiguy, but then as I worked on setting it up, I titled the site "George the Miniguy."

When I was visiting with a communications professional recently, he looked at me and said, "Why would you give it one name and use a different URL? That doesn't make sense!" I had to agree with him.

The reason I named it tallminiguy is that I'm taller than average - 6'4" (193 CM) and slim - which accentuates my tallness. I thought it was a funny contrast between how tall I am and how small my hobby is, reflecting my somewhat warped sense of humor.

So, if you already follow this blog under the URL, THANK YOU! I thoroughly enjoy receiving your comments, and by the way, I'd be happy to reply to them via email, if folks let me know they'd like me to reply.

I have now launched a second blog, with the same content as this one. It follows the logic my friend had - name the URL what you call it: George the Miniguy. So, if you happen to come across, it's just me.

Stay in touch. I'll try to remain in touch. My wife reminded me the other day that one of these days I may run out of pictures to show you of things I've created. That may put some pressure on me to create even more stuff! That's a good thing. At any rate, hope you're enjoying these posts.



  1. It does make a certain amount of sense. However my blog title differs from the url due to someone beating me to the url. ;-)

    Luckily there are not as many "George the Mini Guy"s out there to share a name with. :-)

  2. Got confused with which blog to comment on so have joined both he he Kate and John xx