Monday, March 9, 2009

You'll Never See This One at the State Fair...

I would love to show this house at the Iowa State Fair, but it is too wide to qualify. I designed it back in the late 1970's, and had thought about marketing the design. Unfortunately, Greenleaf introduced a cheaper front-opening dollhouse about a year after I started working on this one.

The building itself is made out of Gatorfoam, which makes the house VERY light and easy to move. Instead of using nails, I used dowels that I sharpened on a pencil sharpener and then pushed them into the house in the places where fastening needed to occur. Ceilings were a breeze, since I left them all white, and the Gatorfoam comes in a pleasing white finish.

The main open area on the front is enclosed by two, sliding panes of glass. This significantly reduces the amount of dust that makes its way into the house. We have a Greenleaf house, too, which one of my daughters begged me to do for her. I never installed any cover to the front, and the dust is really a problem.

So, whether you buy a manufactured dollhouse or build your own, one simple piece of advice - ENCLOSE IT to keep the dust out. You'll appreciate this little piece of advice much more over time...

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